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  • Chris C. Baxter

Video Three Ways: Real-World Uses For Small Business

Your audience loves video, and so do we. We love to consume it, share it, and be a part of it. It's not hard to understand why more users engage with video than any other type of online content, or why consumers are actively asking for more video content from brands they follow. It's simple: our brains love video.

However, we often speak with brands that are unsure where to start. And what we've discovered over the years is that the best method is to think backward. When we begin to conceptualize a project, it's less about what video we are making and more about how that video will be utilized. So in this little blog, we are going to highlight the three most important, applicable use-cases for producing video...

To Simplify Ideas

More often than not, we need to see something before we can truly understand it. Crafting great messaging for a web page or ad isn't just important, it's necessary. But most of us don't fully grasp an idea until we see it in action.

For product-based businesses, this is fairly intuitive. But what about the complicated industries like web development, insurance, or healthcare. (What could possibly be more confusing than healthcare?) This is why businesses in these industries routinely use whiteboard animation, 2D motion graphics, and more to easily explain their services in a modern, digestible fashion. I know for myself, that I would much rather be watching a quick explainer video than scrolling through web pages.

(I probably should have just turned this blog into a video instead...)

To Locate & Understand Your Audience

One of the reasons I've spent so many years in the digital marketing space is because I honestly enjoy studying data and analytics. So much can be understood about your audience through trends in your data.

We're not talking questionable tactics like breaching privacy or tracking personal info, but rather the simple stuff like: How many people engaged with your content? What percentage of the content did they engage with? At what point did they decide to exit? Why was this piece of content more successful than that one? These are the basic, crucial questions every brand should be asking themselves to better understand their audience.

Many of these data points are either entirely exclusive to video or can be gathered more easily and cheaply via video content.

Why? Because "video views" are easier to obtain than lower-funnel actions like clicks, website events, or conversions. And with iOS 14 making it much more difficult for businesses to track customer behavior on their website, on-platform video analytics (such as Facebook, Tik Tok, Instagram, and YouTube data reports) become even more valuable for understanding your audience and acquiring brand new customers.

To Entertain (And Retain)

Time is everyone's most valuable resource, which is why watching long "salesy" video ads can be frustrating. But on the other hand, a video your customers will actually enjoy watching will lead to shares, organic growth, and a feeling of trust and brand loyalty.

This is why brands are so quick to jump on rising trends and utilize influencer videos. But you don't need to pay for expensive commissions to create something your audience will love. We are all heavy consumers of media, and we all have an innate sense of what is real and genuine.

Telling your story in an engaging, meaningful manner is not only the best method for achieving organic growth... it's also respectful to your audience.

... infuses the technical capacity of a full-service video production agency with the experience and expertise of a marketing agency to deliver effective content that drives real engagement and revenue.

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