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Sales & Training Videos

Cost-effective video packages that educate your customers and automate employee training processes.

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High-Quality Productions

Customer Service

We'll work closely with your team to identify your company's unique value propositions and detailed training processes before developing scripts that meet your specific needs. Focus on running your business while we conceptualize content for your approval. If you already have ideas in mind, then great! We'll work to incorporate them into our proposal.

Produce 2D animation videos or live-action videos filmed with professional cinema equipment. 2D animation videos will cover all of your bases in a concise and professional format while providing the most affordable options. Live-action video packages employ all of our resources to showcase your company in the best possible light while still providing competitive prices. 

We prioritize our working relationships with local San Diego-based businesses. Clients can rest easy knowing that their video projects are being handled in a timely and competent manner. If you have questions or concerns about the videos we deliver, we'll quickly address them and work to refine your media assets to their ideal final form.

WACTH: Direct Dental - How it Works
WATCH: Massage Envy - Full Circle Customer Experience
WATCH - Otero Construction Demo
WATCH: Pure Ratios - Product Intro
WATCH: Gondola Skate - Training Intro
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Anthony Perez - CEO & Co-Founder, Direct Dental Staffing

"Excellent experience! Loading Media produced a series of 2-D animation videos that were extremely helpful in scaling our services and generating more sales revenue for our business. In addition to the high-quality videos they produced, we appreciated their team's collaborative process and quick responses to our feedback. I would recommend Loading Media to any business owner who wants to work with a reputable team to produce high-quality videos!"
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How It Works

Whether you prefer to produce cinematically filmed videos at your office headquarters or more budget friendly 2-D animations, our video packages are all-inclusive. We deliver an end-to-end production experience that includes all of our production resources, voice-over artists, licensed music and more. The more videos you need, the cheaper the cost per video.

What's Included

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  • Each animated video may be up to 3 minutes in length

  • Hours of Consultation & Screenwriting per video

  • All Editing, Sound Design, & Revisions

  • Voice-Over costs are included

  • Licensed Music (Approved by client) is included

Package Prices

  • $2,700: (3) Animated Videos ($900 per video)

  • $3,500: (5) Animated Videos ($700 per video)

  • $5,000: (10) Animated Videos ($500 per video)

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